Be GDPR Compliant
Painlessly With An Opt-in Wall

Become GDPR compliant in a handful of minutes by putting an opt-in wall in front of your website. We take care of documenting compliance, handling explicit consent for lawful processing of personal data and preventing unlawful third-party data usage.

The GDPR will be enforced on May 25th, 2018.

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Here’s what GDPR Wall looks like for your visitors

No-Hassle GDPR Compliance

Set up GDPR Wall and make your website GDPR-compliant in a matter of minutes. We’ll take care of being compliant, including with the conditions for consent, the rights of your visitors, and how to request and store consent.

Say goodbye to guesswork

Get peace of mind for your website(s). Don’t be plagued by vague and unclear wording in the GDPR. We’ll help you to be proactive about data privacy.

A guarantee like no other

Unlike the alternatives (like Cookiebot), we’re not limited to only cookie compliance. We handle compliance for all technical aspects of your website.

Don’t leak data to third parties

Are you including third party scripts on your website (analytics, ads, live chat, visitor recording, ...)? Then you are responsible for their compliance. We prevent data leakage automatically.

No data lock-in, you own your data

When your own website is fully GDPR compliant without GDPR Wall, you can export all of your consent data to store in your own systems.

Privacy doesn’t end at consent

Show your visitors that you take their privacy and rights seriously. We’ll continue to guide you with tips and best practices to ensure compliance on your website(s).